Laralyn Doran

I found my passion for writing later than most. I’d like to say I was writing stories as soon as I could string three words together, but really it all started after I had children.

Having children inspired me to write romance? I know, doesn’t make sense.

I’m a proud member of Romance Writers of America, Washington Romance Writers, Contemporary Romance Writers, FF&P where I have met some amazing, supportive and inspiring authors who have become my tribe.

I have since written two award-winning manuscripts. Mulligan is a light, humorous contemporary romance and A Child of Eden is a dark, paranormal romance.

I know, two extremes.

My latest manuscript, A Fast Woman, is the beginning of a series, Driven Women, centered around strong women in male-dominated industries trying to balance love with their challenges and dreams.

So, as I’m tooling around town in mom-mode, I think about how to mess with my fictional people, so I can be sane for those who live with me.

Seems reasonable and so much fun!