The Sheila 2019 FinalistThe Sheila 2019 Finalist

A FAST WOMAN and A CHILD OF EDEN both made it to the finals for The Valley Forge Romance Writer’s Sheila Contest. Its the first time I’ve had two manuscripts make it to the finals in a contest!

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MY MULLIGAN is a 2019 Contemporary Romance Writer’s Stiletto Finalist for Long Contemporary Unpublished Manuscript!! YAY!! So thrilled by this honor! 


Welcome!  I am an award-winning romance writer with three finished manuscripts:

A Fast Woman –  A contemporary romance. CJ Lomax proves she doesn’t need male automobile-camaro-car-1131575anatomy to be a formidable stock car driver. But when Indy champion, Grady McBane, gets between her and her dream job, their chemistry and competitiveness may wreck them both before either one can clench the checkered flag.




My Mulligan – A contemporary romantic comedy.  A successful rock star writes songs inspired by the woman he left behind, a snarky screenwriter channels her unresolved issues with him through the characters in her stories. What happens when they cross paths is what second chances are all about.


shutterstock_386475475A Child of Eden – a urban fantasy / dark paranormal romance. A single mother discovers being different isn’t a curse, it’s what she needs to save her son and end a genocide that has lasted for millennia.




A sample of each can be found in the bar above under “Manuscripts”.


2018 Fab Five Finalist-Small FFL Winner