Welcome!  I am an award-winning romance writer with two finished manuscripts:


My Mulligan – A contemporary romantic comedy.  A successful rock star writes songs inspired by the woman he left behind, a snarky screenwriter channels her unresolved issues with him through the characters in her stories. What happens when they cross paths is what second chances are all about.


shutterstock_386475475A Child of Eden – a urban fantasy / dark paranormal romance. A single mother discovers being different isn’t a curse, it’s what she needs to save her son and end a genocide that has lasted for millennia.




A sample of each can be found in the bar above under “Manuscripts”.

I am currently working on my third manuscript with the working title A Fast WomanCJ Lomax isn’t Cautomobile-camaro-car-1131575inderella waiting for her prince–she wants the prince to get the hell out of her way as she takes on the male-dominated racing industry and battles him for a chance at her dream. Its a modern day War of the Roses for the checkered flag and the casualty may be her heart.





2018 Fab Five Finalist-Small FFL Winner