Aspiring Romance Writer

20120526-Romance-07-JKL_0461For the past few years I’ve been honing my craft as a romance writer.  As the busy mom of three kids, three dogs and a wife of a supportive husband, it has been an escape and a joy.

I’ve walked into the room of every conference, workshop and meeting and felt, “Yes, these are my people, my tribe.”

Before, when I thought of writers, I conjured images of secretive introverts hovered over a computer and not wanting to see the light of day. Well, that can be true. But romance writers are so much more. They deal out “Happily Ever Afters” on a daily basis while taking on all walks of life and any sub-genres you can imagine.  Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

I never could have imagined the amount of support I have received, from fellow newbies to best selling authors, all cheering me on. It has pushed me forward and helped me dare to dream.


Mulligan, a slow-burn, snarky contemporary recently placed First in Rose City Romance’s Golden Rose contest for Single Title ConFFL Winnertemporary.

A Child of Eden, a dark, paranormal romance (no there aren’t any vampires) is also award-winning having placed First in Dark Paranormal category for The Fool For Love Contest  sponsored by Virginia Romance Writers.

More to come on both of those!






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